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Your $1M+ IRA has a problem.

Qualified Money (a technical word for tax-advantaged retirement accounts like IRA’s, 401k’s, Profit Sharing Plans, etc.) has a problem—it’s going to be taxed. If you’re in a top marginal tax bracket, expect the IRS to take a major bite out on your Qualified Money. That $1M in an IRA, after taxes and management fees, could be more like $500K to $600K once it gets to you to spend. You need a strategy like the Qualified Leverage Strategy to convert your qualified account into tax-free money, take the tax lien off your retirement savings, and significantly increase your retirement income.

The Qualified Leverage Strategy is an innovative way of unlocking your retirement assets and moving them into a tax-free vehicle. Your assets are portable and don't have to remain locked within your qualified plan. The QLS follows existing codes and guidelines to reposition your qualified retirement money, along with a portion of your personal outside savings to produce two tax-free-income vehicles--a life insurance policy designed for income and a Roth IRA. The end result is a sizable reduction of current and future taxes.

About You
  • You’ve diligently saved to build a nice nest egg for your retirement using a 401(k), 457(b), IRA, or another retirement plan. Congratulations, this is no small feat getting your account well over $500,000!

  • You've heard you cannot have a sizeable Roth due to hitting the income limits

  • You are staring down the barrel of upwards to 40% of your retirement monies going to the IRS, and counting.

  • You have estate planning concerns, how to pass on assets tax-free to heirs.

  • You worry about the flexibility of taking withdrawals (required minimum distributions, when and how much?).

The QLS Solution
  • Access your retirement plan monies efficiently with regards to taxes and expenses to manage them.

  • Move your traditional retirement plan assets into a tax-free investment vehicle at a discount PLUS transfer a significant portion of your taxable assets to a Roth IRA at very little cost.

  • Double your after-tax retirement money.

  • Ease your mind by not participating in market downturns.

  • Cut out the tax man and still have more to leave to your heirs.

  • Ensure you have death and critical illness benefits when you need them.

What's next?

The solution is cutting-edge. The rules governing life insurance policies in a qualified retirement plan have evolved over time and been clarified in recent years. Few firms have the expertise to specialize in this area of planning. But we do. It requires an understanding of tax, rules regarding qualified plans, and a focus on high-net-worth solutions. The results of planning with QLS can be tremendous. To get started, we offer a complimentary review of your current situation via our Focus Plan.


Email us to request a 30-minute consult to see if it's right for you.

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