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Your wealth demands customized attention. Most national, “Big-Box” brokerage firm brands you recognize offer formulaic, limited design from a small menu of options within a limited set of markets. We’re different.

Our portfolios place best-of-class investments from a spectrum of markets, custom fitting each plan to meet the risk and tax mitigation strategies which secure and optimize your financial timeline.

Our independent status, anchored in the Lion Street Financial platform, affords our clients uncommon access to cutting edge strategies and institutional grade products.




Cash/Liquid Reserves

Cash is basic yet often overlooked in financial planning. It is the basis on which you live day to day and thus the eventual destination of investing. A cash plan allows for more strategic, long-term tools in your plan. We go in depth on budgeting, lifestyle discussions, and risk mitigation within cash reserves.


Risk Management Strategy

With risk, the goal is to avoid, manage, or transfer it. Tactically, this means we monitor, adapt to, or weather financial markets, constantly review liquidity, seek cutting edge tax efficiency, and build inflation hedges. For personal risk, we create a disability plan, strategize for premature death or disability, and long-term care.




Public Markets

There is an array of options to consider in the publicly traded markets (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF, etc.). Our independent status and affiliations grant us the access to interview, assess, and vet high quality strategists and strategies often available only to institutional investors. We don’t sell strategies to you; we shop them for you.


Guaranteed Income

A portion of the portfolio should consider guaranteed sources of income through insurance-based contracts. One of the most misunderstood and misused tools in financial planning, most clients, and especially the high-net-worth, can benefit from understanding insurance-based products as a powerful vehicle to supplement retirement income with the advantage of guarantees and tax efficiency.


Alternative Investments

There is a wide world of alternative investments, and it is fluid.  Our network is designed to foster collaboration with a goal of having an active pipeline of strategies so we can customize solutions to client needs. Our alternative strategies include Hedge Funds (long/short equity, absolute return, multi-asset), real asset (real estate, land, metals, etc.), and special purpose private equity strategies.


Private Equity

Private Equity and Private Credit can be used to increase overall return and/or income, as an alternative to more passively invest in business, and as hedges to public markets. We offer access to seasoned, institutional managers of private equity and private credit managers at low minimums. 



Taking into account the timeline, risk tolerance, and what is important to you, we will present a custom portfolio accompanied with projections, costs, and next steps. We will review the portfolio with you on a regular basis, test for performance and consistency, and make adjustments as your life evolves and changes.

Your Cash Plan will focus on access to and consistency of cash available to live your life, maintain your investment capital commitments, and as a contingency for changing circumstances.


Your Income Plan will focus on reliable, predictable income for the short to mid-term.

Your Long-Term Money Plan will focus on growth, diversification, and tax efficiency to build wealth. We also plan for estate transfer and multi-generational planning. 

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