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The Problem with your Traditional Retirement Plans

Traditional Retirement Plans have two disadvantages for high-income earners--future tax upon withdrawal and the weight of management fees and costs over time. IRS rules and regulations and the way your retirement assets are managed have an enormous impact on your future lifestyle and that of your family. Lack of forecasting can be devastating on a retirement plan.


We utilize advanced retirement strategies to optimize retirement monies--mitigating taxes and costs in order to maximize post-tax dollars.

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The Kai-Zen Plan

Highly compensated professionals have different needs. Due to income limits to access, traditional retirement plans often fall short for helping high income earners maintain their lifestyle in retirement.

Kai-Zen is often far and away the best vehicle we have available for the high-income earner looking to optimize his/her retirement plan. The Kai-Zen strategy uniquely blends life insurance and financing. Every dollar put into the strategy is matched 3:1 through bank financing, offering the client better cash accumulation capability and more insurance protection for them and their families.

Kai-Zen features:

  • 60% Better supplemental retirement income versus self-funded alternatives

  • Fees typically lower than most benefit plans

  • Unaffected by future income tax rates or capital gains rates

  • Includes key protections such as critical illness

  • No need for loan underwriting or collateral outside the plan itself

  • Stress tested through rigorous, ongoing analysis by one of the most respected design firms in the industry


Wayfinder is a preferred partner of the Kai-Zen Plan. The difference offered by a Kai-Zen plan within a retirement plan can be staggering, and we invite you to start a conversation about this strategy. 


What You Can't Not Know About Life Insurance

People hate life insurance. It's confusing and has a price tag. But as a high-income earner, you need to know about its ability to create passive, tax-efficient income:

  • Income from Life Insurance? Life Insurance is a powerful vehicle to supplement retirement income. Certain cash value life insurance products allow you to withdraw cash tax-free from the policy to supplement your retirement income.

  • Life insurance products can accumulate cash value on a tax-deferred basis.

  • Fixed life insurance products are safer to lend to than bonds, and banks do so often. Using leverage to buy life insurance is a common practice because it allows individuals to access better benefits and growth potential. When designed correctly, cash values in the life insurance policy eventually exceed the cost of borrowing.

  • Life Insurance Proceeds pass to beneficiaries tax-free.

  • Life Insurance can be more cost efficient than the fees of a managed investment account, and often are, especially projected over retirement years.


Life Insurance used as a retirement asset allows a high-income earner to access enormous tax advantages and leverage opportunities, resulting in a revitalized and powerful retirement income plan. 

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